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Since doing a “mini-launch” of the blog and my services, I’ve been asked, ‘why’? Why am I starting this shin-dig in the first place. Well, here are 3 main points that led me to this decision:

1. Passionate about wellness

I’m a fan of Zig Ziglar. Have you heard of him? He’s great. (And old school, I know). My dad loves him and I want to be just like my dad, so I started to listen to him. His podcasts are the

Zig says that people want to be these things: happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous, secure, have friends, peace of mind, good family relations and hope. They need to work on keeping the following Wheel of Life balanced and:

  1. Physical

  2. Mental

  3. Spiritual

  4. Family

  5. Financial

  6. Career

  7. Personal

It all begins with a positive self-image. A positive self-image is best obtained in working positively in the above areas of your life, while keeping the “do right” rule in mind. If you do what is right, your positive self-image will improve. This is best obtained by setting goals properly and then living within those goals. I mean, think about it. People spend more time planning their wedding than they d0 planing their life. The more I think about these principles the more I believe in goal setting. (Looks like that human development degree came in handy after all.)

Setting a small goal like staying on your eating plan or waking up 30 minutes earlier to hit a quick yoga sesh will work towards improving your entire self-image. You will feel good about your physical “do-right” decisions and will feel encouraged to do the same in the other aspects of your life. It’s a snowball effect.

It’s not necessarily about health, fitness or losing weight. It’s about an overall lifestyle change – overall wellness, overall improvement of self image. Being mindful of healthy eating and exercising is a great place to start.


As a follower of Jesus, I want to serve others in the best way I  can. I know what living healthily has done for me and I am genuinely saddened by those who don’t have a chance to experience it. That’s where I come in!

I am an encourager. What makes me an effective coach is my ability and love of cheering people on. I’m like, “YES GIRL YGG!!!!” (YGG=You Go Girl). I’m also able to relate to the bad days, because those happen and I totally get it. I’ve been there.

I like to compare creating new healthy habits to learning a budget (budgets… bleh). Everyone knows how to save money… spend less than you make. Duh. That’s how you lose weight, too. Eat less, move more. But sometimes you just need someone to walk through it with you. I love being that person. If I can help one person through this blog or my coaching, it is all worth it.

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just help others get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar 


3. Figuring it out together

A couple of years ago, my dad had a heart scare after a scan. Doctors tried to persuade him to take medicine, but he wouldn’t do it. He wanted to try to clear his arteries naturally.

This was a family effort. We all cut out processed foods and ate clean, life-giving foods. I mean, we’ve always been ‘healthy’, but not to this extent. Our worlds kind of turned upside down. But we didn’t care. It was a life or death situation. I love my daddy-o and would do anything for him.

Two years later, he went in for another scan. We did it. His arteries were clear. Doctors couldn’t believe it, and honestly… neither could I. My eyes were open and I wasn’t going back.

Since the first scare, I would say 80% of my free time is spent educating myself in this field. Books, podcasts, blogs, youtube. You name it, I am using it to research. I crave the knowledge! I’ve tried all kinds of diets… plant based diet, ketogenic diet, whole 30, paleo, macro counting, low carb, low fat, etc. I’ve done workouts that range from cross fit, pilates, MMA fighting, long distance running, HIIT, heavy weight lifting, personal training, body weight exercises and yoga.

I’ve gone through seasons of extremes: over-training, under-training, over-eating and under-eating. Working out multiple times a day, running excessively and having anxiety over the thought of missing a workout. Ignoring and fighting through joint pain because my Apple Watch had to say a certain amount of calories burned before my head hit the pillow each night. I’ve gone through seasons where I don’t touch a pair of lulu lemon shorts for weeks because I just DON’T WANT TO ANYMORE. Do I have it figured out? Nope. And I don’t think I ever will, but I love learning along the way. However, I do know this: the most important thing is balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  That’s what we’re all trying to figure out #amiright? Why do it alone when you don’t have to?


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