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Why Sara Blakely ‘Gets It’

Sara Blakely is my new #girlcrush. I listened to her episode on the “How I Built This” podcast and I was hooked. Her grit, her resilience, her attitude – everything. I was so inspired and now I can’t get enough of her on Instagram.

She shared some stories a couple of weeks ago and my eyes were popping out of my head as I yelled “YES, SARA, YES!!!!” at the screen of my phone.

Spanx® rented out Emory University Law School Auditorium for a Spanx® ‘Be Bold Debate Tournament”. They broke up into groups and debated 3 topics:

  1. The pen is mightier than the sword.
  2. The arts should be emphasized over athletics in school.
  3. Open concept workplaces are better than traditional workspaces. 

These topics are great and all, but the why behind this debate is EVERYTHING. 

Sara said that debating helps you see both sides of the issue and it helps you handle objections. She said, “we all have objections in everything that we do.” She also says it helps you find the most important thing and she would focus on the 5 or 6 ‘most important things’ in order to win a debate. Another way of saying this is she was ‘building her case’.

In Clearly Confident, we say a weak case presented well is better than a strong case presented poorly. Whenever we are convincing someone or persuading them, we are always trying to ‘build the case’ AND we are always working on presenting that case very well. This is a big part of what we teach in the training. 

Clearly Confident also takes it a step further and helps you find the most important thing for each individual. The one thing that will always be a wild card is people. You never know what type of person you are going to deal with or how a person will react. Clearly Confident gives you the tools, techniques, and formulas to deal with individuals and to guide conversations in a loving way.

The fact that Sara Blakely did this tells me she ‘gets it’. She gets that life is a series of sales transactions. She gets that the ability to handle objections is a life skill. She. Just. Gets It. My #girlcrush is stronger than ever.

Here is the instagram story screen recording if you want to see for yourself!

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