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Why People Quit in Feb

Why People Quit in February

We’ve all done it. You make your New Years resolutions in January and 4 weeks later, you’re back to your old self. 92% of people hardly even remember their New Years resolution by the middle of the year and have excuses.

Why is that? Why can’t people keep a promise to themselves? Here’s my theory:

There are so many areas of life we all want to improve in. I’ve mentioned before Zig’s Wheel of Life: physical, mental. spiritual, family, financial, career, personal. I think most of us would read that and say, “Yes. All of those are important and could be improved.” But, where to begin?

The woman and overachiever in me wants to try to do everything better at once by finding a little piece of each category and making a change. After working with clients and working within myself, I’m learning that’s not the best way to do it.

I interview my clients before working with them in order to assess if they are ready. My program provides all the tools necessary to succeed, but if they aren’t mentally ready, they just won’t. I hear their hearts and their fitness stories. We all have one even if you think you don’t. Here is a story that I seem to hear over and over:

“I start to go to the gym for a few weeks and, over time, I realize that I just don’t belong. I feel silly, I look awkward, everyone else is so fit and it’s just not for me. I try working out at home and I go for ONE push-up and I can’t even get in the starting plank position. I start thinking what on earth have I gotten myself into…”

You know where she messed up? She STARTED with the physical category.

Her body was physically moving but her mind told her, “The real you sits on the couch. The real you sleeps until 9am. The real you is too busy for this mess. The real you orders pizza when times get tough. This is not the real you.” So, she comes to terms with her real self, and quits.

The 1-2 Punch:

It starts with mental. I believe that what we put in our mind determines our success. The most important thing you can do is change your mental input. What kind of things should be put in your mind?

Your mental input should start with spiritual qualities. Through this, you will learn that you deserve to feel what it’s like to live a healthy lifestyle and God wants you to take care of yourself. You’ll learn that your worth is not in your ability to do a proper push-up or in comparing yourself to others at the gym. (And lets be honest, they aren’t looking at you……they’re too busy looking at themselves in the mirror.) You’ll learn that you will find your hope in Jesus – the one and only that never disappoints.

When you have the mental & the spiritual, you have the 1-2 punch that can’t be beat. Mental and spiritual go hand-in-hand. Once you do this right, you start learning how to be the best version of you.

It’s Cyclical:

The physical comes after you take care of the mental. Make sure not to neglect it.

I believe that you can’t maximize the mental and the spiritual without the physical. When all you think about is how tired you are or how poorly you feel, how can you focus on filling your life with the good stuff? All you want to do is lay around and eat more donuts. (Me too, girl. Me too.)

When your physical is on point, you’re more energized to get even deeper with your mental and spiritual content. It’s one big circle.

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. You have the ability to take a 5 minute walk in the morning, you CAN choose water over sweet tea, you CAN challenge yourself to wake up 10 minutes earlier every day until you get to 5am. You CAN do so many things!

Change your mental input to spiritual and personal improvement content, change the way you view yourself, get a physical routine, have energy and desire to dive into more awesome mental input. That’s my formula to keep the health train going throughout the year.

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