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When Thanksgiving Doesn't

When Thanksgiving Didn’t Go As Planned…

Couldn’t resist that 2nd serving of sweet potato casserole? I get it. That pecan & brown sugar topping is no joke. I’m sure most of us woke up pretty swole this Black Friday morning. And not the #gainz swole…. the sodium-packed-can’t-get-my-wedding-ring-back-on kind of swole. So what now?!

Here are a couple of things I would suggest doing today.


    • Or send them home with family… just stop the flow of butter, sugar and ham NOW. “But Macy! Left overs are the best part!” I know, I really do. I mean it’s not like I’ve sprayed Windex on cookies before throwing them away because I would NEVER eat cookies out of the trash……….. You have to stop now. You’ve had your day. Thanksgiving is over. Lets keep your fitness goals in mind.

    • Water, water and more water

      • You should be drinking at least a gallon of water every day, but today it is even more important. 6 bottles of water = a gallon. Drink 1 bottle with each meal and 1 in between each meal – BOOM. It’s not as taunting as it sounds.

      • Lemon water helps with digestion, so squeeze a couple of wedges in there!

      • Sweat it out

        • As I mentioned in the last blog post, working legs will help you burn those extra calories. Sitting in the sauna is also great.

        • Meal prep

          • Have your healthy meals prepped. For me, when I am hungry, I’m gonna eat. I can’t wait around for things to be cooked. That’s why I always have food prepped. Instead of reaching for that mac & cheese for lunch, you’ll (hopefully) reach for your prepped chicken & veggies.

          • Look ahead

            • Don’t be down, just crush the day. Even if you’ve already had pancakes and bacon this morning, start NOW. Not tomorrow. As my brother-in-law says, “If you drop your phone, you don’t keep throwing it on the ground. You pick it up and put it in a safe place so you won’t drop it again. Same with eating. Don’t continue trashing your body just because you had one bad meal. Pick yourself up and take care of your body.”


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