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what does encouragement do for you

What Encouragement Actually Does For You

what is a sincere compliment

Did you know there is a technique that takes a regular compliment to a sincere compliment? It’s true. 

For example, here is a regular compliment: “I love your smile.”

Now, to take that compliment from regular to sincere, share why you give that compliment.

“I love your smile. The reason I say that is because it lights up the room when you walk in!”

To take that one step further, throw the person’s name in there.

Did you know that the sweetest sound to anyone is the sound of their own name?

“Natalie, I love your smile. The reason I say that is because it lights up the room when you walk in!”

EVERYONE needs encouragement. It gives people hope.

Hope is the reason you get out of bed each day. Hope for more! Hope for a great day! Hope for change! Hope for growth! 

Here are some synonyms for encouragement: assistance, backing, cheer, comfort, confidence, faith, inspiration, optimism, reassurance, stimulation, aid, boost, favor, helpfulness, hope, refreshment, supporting, trust.

Overall, it gives people support and confidence. It lets them know that you are pulling for them to win at life.

Think about Santa Claus – he’s the best!

He has a HUGE bag of toys and he gives freely to everyone he sees. While he gives present after present, he smiles and loves everyone.  

Guess what? You’re the new year-round Santa. Except instead of presents, your bag is filled with compliments and encouragement. You give freely, smiling and full of joy! And you give to everyone you see.

It’s important that your compliments are genuine and don’t come off as ‘flattery’. Flattery gets you no where. Compliments should be honest and true.

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daily deposit

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