Macy McNeely


Think Differently About Instagram

We all want lots of engagement.

I get it. It literally does something to our brains. We we open up that IG app and all those hearts and comments and follows – they light up our brain and it makes us happy.

It’s immediate gratification.

I’ve been doing some trial and error on my IG. I’ve been playing around with some different content, then taking a look at my insights to see if it’s worth it.

Let me break it down:

Here are some posts that did really well in terms of likes, comments and over all engagement.

All of my niece and nephew: *SHOCKER*

All have really strong likes and comments.

My initial thought is, “oh – people love lifestyle stuff. They love my family and seeing behind the scenes of my life.” Which is not wrong….

Then I went to look at the insights….

Shared only a few times (probably by my mom) and saved a combined total of 6 times. All play a part in the algorithm.

Now let’s take a look at another set of posts:

Less likes in terms of likes and comments.. Much less.

If I were just looking at that, I would think, “oh no. I am doing something wrong. What’s happening.”

Now let’s look at the insights:

Shared a combination of 231 times and saved 220 times.

I don’t know about you, but I want people to love my content enough that it’s worth sharing with those that they love. That it’s worth saving to go back and look at when they’re feeling down. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful.

Moral of the story: TRY NEW THINGS. In order to see if your trial has worked, you have to try it for long enough to be able to evaluate it correctly.

Write content for more than just likes. Write so people want to share about you. That’s a big responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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