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These Are My Confessions: 6 Things I Am Doing About It

Confession #1:
I am overwhelmed.
Being overwhelmed = low creativity and seeping into other parts of my life.
How we feel on the inside is v easily showed on the outside.
A rule I have to myself is I can’t talk about what’s going wrong unless I have a solution.
Here are my solutions and hopefully they will help you, too!
1. Focus on unfocusing
Part of me is like EL OH EL. But you gotta do it. Gonna get back to napping (because naps are v productive) and day-dreaming.
2. Skip the small talk
With your spouse especially. It’s not that small talk hurts your relationships, it’s that more substantial conversations make people happier. Ask better questions. Focus on THEM.
3. Follow your curiosity
Curiosity is closely tied to innovation and inspiration.
4. Detoxing digitally
Shutting it down and picking it back up at strict times. (Haven’t gotten there but I’m closer and closer errrrday).
5. Opting for fiction
I’m trying to be more culturally rounded (idk what that means but it sounds right) and watch different shows and read fiction. It’s proven that fiction helps with more empathy, compassion and generosity. We can all use more of that.
6. Reconnecting with nature.
Things I never ever ever ever thought I would say. I kinda hate to admit it but nature is a major influencer on your mental and emotional health. (I can hear the sigh of annoyance from all my introverted, ambitious, go-getters from here.)

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