Macy McNeely


The One Thing No One Can Give You

In my last job, there was a girl that I worked with that was a boss.

She KNEW HER STUFF. She had worked there the longest (10 years), she was uber respected and incredibly smart.

She was my go-to. Didn’t know how to do something? Ask her. Didn’t know how to use a system? Ask her. Didn’t know where something was Ask her. How to handle a conversation? Ask her.

She was well respected for a reason, so why not just ask her about everything I didn’t know?

Now, looking back, I know I did myself a massive disservice:

  1. I didn’t learn for myself. I didn’t use her for guidance, I used her as a crutch.
  2. I didn’t give myself a chance to build my own confidence. I was borrowing hers.
  3. When tough times came, I didn’t have the stamina and belief in myself to do what needed to be done.

All in all, I should’ve LEARNED THINGS MYSELF. I should’ve studied systems, I should’ve read books on handling people better, I should’ve practiced even when I wasn’t ready.

This builds, what I like the call, the experience factor.

The experience factor can’t be given. It can only be earned.

This is how it’s earned:

  1. Time. Staying in one place for a long time inevitably gives you this incredible weapon.
  2. Knowledge. When you know your stuff, you say it with authority and people listen.
  3. Failures. Messing up and adjusting to make it just right is going to give you a level of confidence that YOU KNOW WHAT’S UP.

The only way to earn this factor is to put in the work: study, study, study. Try different things and adjust as needed, stay laser focused in one area.

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