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The MAJOR Key to Wellness

I’m not a huge reader… I’m more of a listener because it helps me use my time wisely. Like, how often do each of us really sit down with nothing else to do but read? Not me. I’m a fan of Audible & podcasts. I listen while I’m doing cardio, getting ready, cooking, doing mindless work or driving. However, I’m picky when it comes to my books. Always self-help, faith, leadership or health/wellness related. ALWAYS. I encourage everyone to take advantage of every second you have! Listen to good stuff. Grow from it. The only time I actually read is when I’m traveling. We recently took a trip to New York. [Side note real quick – It was my first time! I think a part of me was meant to live there….loved it so much.]

 I brought “Start” by Jon Acuff. He talks about how go from average to awesome & how to punch fear in the face. This can be applied to anything, but of course, I relate it to wellness. I took away a couple of points that I want to share.

  1. GET BEIND ME, SATAN Voices of fear and doubt are so real. We all hear them. “They are governed by simple truth: they only come around when you do work that matters. Want to stay on the road to average? What to rock vanilla right to the grave? Okay, fear and doubt will leave you alone. However, the very first step you take on the road of awesome, fear and doubt stir from their slumber. Continue on the road to awesome, and fear and doubt begin whispering lies and confusing statements meant to get you back on the average, safe path.” – ‘You can’t get up early in the mornings.You don’t have enough self-discipline for that.’ – ‘Changing your eating habits would be way too difficult. You’re not strong enough.’ – ‘You’re already overweight… what’s the point of starting now’ – ‘You’re not smart’ – ‘You’re not pretty’ Everyone has their own voice of fear and doubt – they’re all different. But, I can promise you, you are not alone in hearing these voices. Recognize the voices and tell Satan to GET BEHIND YOU BECAUSE TODAY IS NOT THE DAY.

  2. Fear & Doubt’s Calendar “Unless you’re dead right now, it’s not too late. Fear and doubt’s calendar always starts with yesterday or tomorrow.” Don’t wait until after the holidays or 3 weeks before your birthday because you want to look good in your dress. Health is not something that is done for a short period of time. It’s a lifestyle. Start NOW. You won’t be perfect. In fact, you’ll have a lot of mess-ups at first. But it’s ok because it’s part of your story.

  3. Sharing is Caring The MOST major of fitness is sharing your fears and doubts. “Do you know what fear and doubt fear? Community. One of fear and doubt’s chief aims is to make you feel alone. Like you’re the only one who feels a certain way. Fear wants to isolate you and put you on an island. As long as you keep your fears to yourself, no one can tell you the truth about it.” Community is KEY. It’s key for me in my spiritual walk, my work life and my fitness journey. Sometimes (actually all the time) the best thing to hear is “me too.” It’s music to my ears. That’s why I created a coaching service. I want it to be a place of encouragement where girls can come together and say, “I struggle with that, too.”

Like I said, this can be applied to so many things in life. I heard the voices in starting this blog, in starting my coaching services, in my outfit this morning, my grocery list, Christmas presents, in so.many.things. That’s just to name a few. I am choosing awesome over average. It’s a work in progress, but I’m gonna PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE one day at a time.

(Also, go read or listen to this book. It’s worth it!!

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