The Macy Box

The Macy Box: What Will Be In It?


How did this all start? Well, I wanted to do something for those that were ordering my Daily Deposit journals! So, at random orders, I told my Instagram friends, “The person who is order 225 gets their journals for free AND some of my favorite things…. It will be like a… a Macy Box!”

It started with a few things and then kept growing and growing and growing. ALL THE THINGS I LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU!?!? Yes please.

So far, a Macy Box will go to orders 225, 300 375, and 500. It’s definitely becoming a thing and I am here for it.

If you didn’t win, here’s what will be in it just in case you want in on some of the goodies!

  • 1) Pre-workout: The most ah-mazing, all natural, magical energy powder. It’s the concoction I am mixing together each morning on my IG story. It is the one thing I cannot live without. It also gets me excited to workout. Which, we could all use more of that. It has 100 mg of caffeine, which is the same as a cup of coffee.

  • Here is a link to a tub

  • Here is a link to some samples!

 2) Beauty Blender: I like the Real Techniques one! The way it’s shaped – it fits all the curves of your face.  

3) Beachbars: Most of you probably know: I am not a fan of bars. I used to LIVE OFF OF THEM. I mean…. I would have 2 day. They were like candy to me. One day, I cut them out and wow… I wasn’t bloated, my clothes started to fit differently and I had more money in my bank account. I traded the bar in my purse for a snack bag of carrots or grape tomatoes!

  • However, there are emergencies. ESPECIALLY when you’re traveling. I’ve done a little bit of traveling recently and I have felt the panic of ‘oh em gee I am so hungry and I have nothing to eat’. That’s when, to me, a bar is acceptable.

  • When I do eat bars, I go for beachbars. They’re only 150 calories and 10 grams of protein.. Which is an awesome protein to calories ratio. I feel like so many of us immediately look at the protein number and fail to look at the calories. Girl, we don’t need as much protein as you think we do. For those that use the container system, it’s only ½ a yellow and ½ a red and 1 tsp. Really good for when you need a little something to pull you through until your next meal.

4) Clearly Confident: 50% off CODE!

  • We want to get this in your hands. WHATEVER IT TAKES. I wish we could give it for free. But that would be a disservice to you. Without any skin in the game, you won’t take it seriously. TRUST ME. You won’t show up for yourself. You won’t take the homework seriously. And that is a waste of time for everyone.

  • However, we CAN give it 50% off. It’s originally $899, which makes it $450 for you. HOW AWESOME.

5) Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick – ‘Bow N Arrow’ – when I wear this lip color, my IG friends want it. It’s a staple go-to. It stays on forever and is the perfect fall color. Add some gloss on top and BOOM. You’re good to go for a few hours.
 6) Laura Geller’s Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow – the one makeup item I continue to repurchase over and over and over again. Gives an amazing glow to the face. I also love it for my chest and arms!
 7) The Psychology of Winning – Everyone needs to read this book at least 7 times. Not joking. That’s my goal. We are all trying to get that W everyday but also we want to become winners of LIFE. This book is timeless.
 8) LULULEMON! DUH! It would not be a Macy Box without Lulu! When you don’t wash your hair, you need some hats to be able to throw on. These LuLu hats are my go-to. Athleisure wear or not. Just rock it.
9) Purely Pecans – The best nut butter to put in your superfoods. But be careful – only ONE TSP. It’s all you need.
 10) SUPERFOODS! My non-negotiable daily dose of nutrition. I have an entire blog post on superfoods and why they are so important.
11) Invisiboble Hairties – For a good Macy Bun!

12) DOUGHMAMA COOKIES YAS! She is a very important influencer that happens to make cookies. She has TONS of testimonies from her influencing: Toss it Tuesday and Wonder Wednesday just to name a few. People all over the world are tossing and wondering each week and posting about it due to Sarah’s influencing. In all seriousness, if you follow Sarah, you leave her instagram giggling at her light-heartedness. She is who is is and ROCKS IT. She inspires me to do that, too. She is also #momgoals because her kids clean toilets and love doing it at that. Oh, and her cookies are delicious.

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