Macy McNeely

The Heathiest Thing You Could

The Healthiest Thing You Could Ever Do For Yourself

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked as a wellness coach is: “How do you go out to eat?” “How can I maintain a social life?” “WILL I BE ABLE TO EVER LIVE NORMALLY AGAIN?!?” First and foremost: YES. You can 100% go out to eat and have a social life and still eat healthily. I do it regularly. I talk about how to do that pretty often on my Instagram.

But, that’s not what this blog post is about. This is about the HEALTHIEST THING YOU COULD EVER DO FOR YOURSELF.

The biggest challenge with a rigid lifestyle is loneliness. Most people aren’t living with extreme self-discipline… and it’s hard to be disciplined when you feel alone.

Our connections we have with each other is the most important tool that we have in life. There is nothing healthier than having fun with people you care about. Even if that means sharing a piece of white chocolate cheesecake with the friends you tailgate with each weekend at the UGA football games. (Guilty‍).

All in all: Be healthy day-to-day. Small decisions add up. The occasional gatherings you have with friends: enjoy them. Stressing about the food in social situations is much worse than just enjoying the people you’re with.

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