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The Greatest Lesson Learned From Going Through A Rebrand

In January of 2019, after selling our training for months as Clearly Confident, it was time to trademark it.
You can imagine how heartbroken we were when we found out it was taken.
We honestly didn’t know where Clearly Confident was going. We had no idea it would grow as quickly as it did. That’s why we didn’t trademark it in the first place.
We had to come up with a new name and there were a few things we could do:
1. Fight for Clearly Confident
2. Force something else to work
3. Let it come to us
When it comes to fighting for the name legally, the only person that wins that battle is the attorney. It is expensive and it wasn’t worth the investment, since we were such a young company.
We tried to make something work…. ANYTHING. Loy Day’s Sales Training, Good is Cool Sales Training, Closemasters Sales Training. We threw out all different ideas, but nothing felt right.
I went to Loy, stressed. He could tell I was forcing it.
He said, “Macy, anything I need to make happen that isn’t coming easily is usually not a good sign. Sure, we can push hard, but typically, it isn’t worth it. When things come to me and happen naturally, it tends to be a great sign.”
That advice stuck with me. It has been something that I’ve used for the new name and I have carried it near to my heart as I am making decisions.
I’ve found that this aligns with the art of following your heart. Great leaders are those that trust their ‘gut’. They are those who understand the art before the science. They win hearts before minds. To me, the science side of this rebrand says, “keep Clearly Confident. It’s what you have worked so hard on. It is starting to build momentum. Do whatever you can to keep it.” But, the art says, “Lift your foot off the gas. Pause. Let it come.”
And, it came. Below is the podcast episode where you will learn how it eventually came to me.
As you are making decisions this week, I want to encourage you to listen to your heart or ‘the art’ of the situation. I think the outcome will be in your favor.

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