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Step 1 For New Entrepreneurs: Prime The Pump

“I really want to pull the trigger, but it’s been one month since I quit my job and my profit has been $0. I realize that means I most likely need to come to GUIDE Culture more than ever. I know this. It makes sense but I cannot pull the trigger knowing I have made $0.”

This is a message I got on Instagram. She’s talking about her hesitations about pulling the trigger on signing up for GUIDE Culture training.

I get where she’s coming from. I really do. My back was against the wall just a few years ago. I had nowhere else to go. I quit my job, had zero income coming in, no direction, full of confusion. I was stuck.

It wasn’t until I ‘primed the pump’ that water actually started coming out.

Let me explain.

Have you ever used an old-timey pump? In order to get water out, you have to pump it. But in order to get the water coming out quickly, you have to prime it with a little water. Once you prime it, then pump it, water will start to overflow.

It wasn’t until I invested in my business did ‘water’ (aka, money) start to come out. I will never forget pulling the trigger on a $1,000 training. Oh man, that was a huge number at the time. It was so scary. I had the content, I had the vision, I just didn’t have direction or the technical knowledge I needed.

You see, I had the sales skills. I knew how to effectively communicate my value, I just wasn’t sure where to do that. Webinars? Youtube? Emails? What’s MailChimp? Blogs? What’s a website host? Membership sites? 

So I spent $1,000 to learn the technical side of things. Specifically webinars + membership sites.  I did the work and POOF. I made my first $20,000. It was because I primed my pump. I invested in my business, which got the water flowing. That win gave me so much enthusiasm and belief.

If you are a new entrepreneur, I know it is crazy to think about taking a risk before you’ve made money. I really do. But you can’t afford not to take a risk. Especially when it comes to education. Without the ability to communicate your value effectively, you have no business, no enthusiasm, and no direction.

Do not miss the opportunity to take GUIDE Culture online or in-person. Don’t be afraid to prime the pump. It’s the only way water will come out.

For more information on our trainings, visit HERE.

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