Macy McNeely

2020 goals

Something To Try In 2020

I know everyone is talking about #goals for 2020 right now,

But I want to challenge you – 

What if you stopped pursuing goals and start pursuing VALUE.

What if you measured the work you do based off of the benefit it brings to others?

To a lot of people…

A person’s work productivity = output of work / hours of input

What if you thought of it like this:

The value of a person’s work = benefits to others x quality x efficiency 


This is what I am focusing on in 2020 – scaling the spirit. Making sure we are value focused rather than goal focused.

How do you do that? I am trying to figure it out, too. Stay tuned 🙂

I would love for you to message me on IG and let me know what you’re focused on in 2020! 

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