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New Month, New Strategy, Who Dis?

how to write a mission statement

There I was in San Diego, California sitting in a social media marketing conference where everyone was using lingo and industry wording that I didn’t understand (and I should’ve). They were saying things like ‘funnels’ and ‘drip’ and ‘strategy’ and I was smiling and nodding trying to look like I fit in.

In one of the sessions, a speaker popped about 5 books on the screen that ‘might be a good resource’.  I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture of the screen and ordered every. single. book. sitting in that seat.

When I got home, they were waiting for me at the door. I ripped open the package and started reading the first one that I pulled out: Content Inc.

I read it in one week. I literally finished the last page 5 minutes ago and started writing this blog post.

I’ve somewhat set up what I think is a decent strategy. Typically, the more you do something, the more clear it becomes. I’d rather start my strategy while finishing the other 4 books as I am executing, rather than wait to read everything I can get my hands on and be an information hoarder. Ya feel me?

I’ve posted blogs here and there and only sent emails every now and then. In fact, I got an Instagram message the other day that said, “Am I still on your email list? I haven’t gotten one from you in a while.”

… yikes.

So, that is what I am working on. These two spaces: blogs and emails. I want them to be a source of pure value to you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or need the best self tanner, I gotchu, girl. 

Speaking of entrepreneurs, if you are one or if you want social media to be a source to drive your business, this post is for you.

When it comes to content strategy, it is actually quite simple. It is consistently posting VALUABLE (the key word there is valuable) content for your people. And YOU, you are my people!

I think the biggest eye opener for me is this question: What is your mission statement for your content? NOT for your business, but for your content.

For example, I have two brands: Macy McNeely and Clearly Confident. Daily Deposit is an extension of the Macy McNeely brand. 

Here are my drafts for each brand: 

Clearly Confident:

“Individuals with a growth mindset come for inspiration, personal growth and sales techniques for confidence in their communication.” 

Macy McNeely:

“A place with simple tips on productivity, positivity, personal growth and your overall lifestyle to get the most out of your life.” 

What are your thoughts? Do you like these missions statements? Do you agree with them? Do these excite you? Let me know. I would love your opinions!

I want to leave you with a challenge: Think about your content mission statement. Whether you’re a business owner or not, your social media is still a representation of you for the entire world. What do you want others to gain from your Instagram?

In other news, you can expect to get a Clearly Confident email and blog post every Monday, and a Macy McNeely email and blog post every Wednesday. You can get your name on my email subscriber list by signing up below. Also, make sure you are subscribed to the Clearly Confident list by clicking HERE.

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