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My top 3️⃣ 2019 investments in myself

I made a few investments in myself in 2019 and there are 3 you MUST KNOW ABOUT:

1. Business 📈

I invested more in my business than I ever have in 2019.

I worked with Shannan Monson to help create a better system for my business to flow on a more passive scale. It was awesome and I am really thankful I got to work with her.

I purchased an Amy Porterfield course on digital courses and an instagram course, IGA, from bossbabe. Both were/are awesome. I am still working through them both.

As far as conferences, the one that sticks out to me the most is Social Media Marketing World. It’s a lot of info – like a lot. But it really opened my eyes to how much I really don’t know. It made me get serious about the skill of online marketing and how it needs to be fine-tuned and mastered.

I have also worked one on one with some experts – but – I want to pull that curtain back in a different way, other than a blog post. Stay tuned. 👀

2. Skin 💄

I have been majorly focused on my skin all of 2019. There are 3 things that really stand out as to what has actually helped.

1️⃣ The first thing is going to the dermatologist for botox and for my skincare. I go to North Atlanta Center for dermatologic diseases. I see Alex (she’s my sister and she’s really good). She works Mondays and Thursdays. 

  • Here is the info for the office:
      • 1265 Upper Hembree Rd #100, Roswell, GA 30076
      • 770-751-1131

2️⃣ Next is the actual skin care. I use ALL THINGS REVISION. Here are the specific products that have made the biggest impact on my skin:

  1. C+ Correcting Complex 

You’re (hopefully) already using vitamin C because it protects your skin from environmental factors and brightens the skin. This one also evens out skin tone AND it protects from future damage of blue light! When you live on your phone you need that – big time.

         2. Nectifirm

The number one (and honestly, the only) neck product you need. That neck is crucial, ladies. Don’t skip out.

         3. Bodifirm

Bodifirm is a contouring product. I can already tell I am going to be thanking myself in 20 years for using this everyday. Firmer and toned looking skin? YES PLZ. 

3️⃣ The final thing is FACIALS. I have gotten serious about consistent facials and boy – I can tell such a difference.

    • I love going to North Atlanta Plastic Surgery Med Spa in Alpharetta, Ga. I really love them because they use Revision during the facials – YES YES AND YES.
    • I see Lisa for everything there. She is a dream. You will love her.
    • I usually get the laser facial or the hydrafacial, but when you go for a consultation, Lisa will guide you in the right direction!

3. Health 🍎

The biggest part of health that is an investment for me is the time – especially exercise. It is a time commitment. Not just the exercising part, but then you have to shower, wash your hair more often and it probably takes longer to get ready. If it doesn’t happen in the morning, it is usually much less likely to happen. This means you’re sacrificing that precious sleep.

Basically, it feels like you’re giving up a lot which makes you wanna be like –

If there is one thing I have learned in 2019 it is this:

Taking the time to exercise actually makes you more productive than ever.

You are happier which makes your work better.

You are less stressed which makes you have a better mindset.

You are more focused which helps you get things done better and quicker.

The time it takes to exercise is worth much more than what it costs. – TRUST ME.

If you aren’t investing in yourself, 2020 is the time to start. Adding value to yourself makes you more valuable. And being valuable is important to you, right!? Right.

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