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Moves with Macy

Moves with Macy

Welcome to another Moves with Macy! I got a ton of requests for some upper body movements. In order to get a defined upper body, it is so much more than just biceps, but we are going to start here In the weeks to come we will cover all kinds of toning exercises for the upper body!

First Exercise

For the first exercise, I am holding my weights at a 90-degree angle. This is called time under tension – keeping your muscles engaged for a period of time. I am also doing some front lateral raises.

You do not need to go super heavy. I used 10 lb. weights on each side. – 20 reps, 5 sets.

Second Exercise

For the second exercise, I headed to the cables! Cables allow you to focus on the negative. The negative is on the way down, after pulling the cables up.  I am coming up on a 1-Count and coming down on a 3-Count. I like to straighten my arms all the way so that I can get a full range of motion. Make sure that you are taking a few steps forward before you start, and are keeping your core tight and engaged!

Make sure that you are inhaling on the down and exhaling on the way up! Think of it as exhaling during the hard parts. A video of me doing these exercises in on my IGTV, so be sure to go there to see a proper demonstration! Implement these exercises into your workout this week, and let me know what you think!

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