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Moves with Macy: Shoulders

Moves with Macy: Shoulders

Welcome to another Movements with Macy!!! Today we are doing a HIIT workout. This stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is an incredible style of workout because you don’t have to do for a long period of time to get great results.

I started off with some shoulder presses. I did 10-15. My rule of thumb is to go until it hurts, and then do three more. Then I a barbell (dumbbells work great too!) and did some upright rows.

When you do HIIT workouts you burn calories all day long. Low-intensity workouts, like running a couple of miles or walking on the treadmill, do not provide this all day caloric burn. When you are done running, you are done burning calories. HIIT workouts fatigue the muscles and jack your heart rate up to get you to your maximum calorie burning state.

Exercise number three is a cardio, jumping movement. Go check it out on my IG stories. It wore me oooouuutttt!

Next, I did some front deltoid raises. I used 10lb dumbells. Not super heavy but it gives a good burn! I really feel like shoulders shape the whole upper body, so be sure to focus in on those muscles!

Then I moved onto side lateral raises. If you find yourself trying to use your body to get momentum to get the weights up, go down in weight. You should be isolating your movements to focus on the back of your shoulder muscles.

Next on the list was a pushup and a half burpee. A half burpee is basically a burpee without the jump.

Do this 5-6 sets, and you will have an awesome, effective, and quick workout!


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