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Moves with Macy 2

Moves with Macy 2

Happy Tuesday!!! It is time again, for another Movements with Macy! This week we are focusing on legs! I am doing something called speed sets. Speed sets are where you do a quick 10 reps, take a couple of breaths in between each set, and do 5 sets total. This gives me a total of 50 reps of each exercise.

This workout took me about 35 minutes. I was able to get some great cardio, along with muscle building. Getting both of those in a workout is GOLD.

The first exercise I did was squats. Just a reminder that squats are not just a booty builder, they are a compound movement which means it works everything – glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, back, etc. The way to get better at them is to simply PRACTICE. Start with air squats, light weights, and a box to sit on to pause, then move up from there.

Next, I did a sumo squat. I spread my legs out and pointed my toes out wide. I did an over-under grip. I am bending with my legs and pulling up with my legs, NOT my back. I see a lot of people rounding their back with sumo squats, but keep your chest and head up the best that you can.

For my next exercise, I put a bar on my back with 15 lbs on each side. I then positioned a step box behind me. To start the exercise I stood on top of the step, and then took one leg off into a lunge. The reason that I used a step is because it allows me to get a deeper lunge. Try to ONLY push back up using your front leg. This is hard because naturally, you want to use your back leg to help push you back up. This exercise is a challenging one, so give yourself some grace as you start doing it!

Next, I did some hip thrusts with a strong band around my legs, right above my knees. The band makes sure that you feel the hip thrusts in your glutes. For this exercise, you lay with your back on the ground and your knees up. You press up through the hips and squeeze your glutes at the top. If you don’t feel like you are feeling this exercise in your booty, reach back and touch your booty. This will give you the mind muscle connection. This really helps you to feel the exercise in the right place! If you need a band, HERE is one I recommend!

As always, a video of this is posted to my IGTV. Follow me on IG @macymcneely to keep up with all of the Movements with Macy.

Try these exercises out this week, and let me know what you think!!

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