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Losing Weight at age 50 and above

Losing Weight At Age 50+

I get tons of messages saying “You’re so young so you may not understand, but I am in my 50s and it’s hard for me to lose weight”. You’re right, I can’t understand. So I decided to go to the queen for her tips of staying in shape in your 50’s and over. MY MOM!  

Linda Day was the BEST STEP TEACHER IN THE SOUTH! But seriously. People are always talking about her classes to this day. She looks amazing and is a grandma… literally. The cutest “Lolli” ever! Not to mention she is shredded.


Please also know – she has not always been fit. She has had seasons in her life that were not-so-fit, but pulled it back together. It is not genetics either because, trust me, if you saw her bloodline, you would know what I mean. She has changed the health mindset of our family many generations to come.



If you haven’t had a physical for a while, get checked out and make sure all of your bloodwork is normal. There are so many things to consider ….thyroid, hormones, vitamin deficiency, etc…



As we get older we do not need as many calories as we use to. Eat less…. Portion control is everything! I can gain weight on vegetables!! It is simple… If you put in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.  (even on veggies)


  1. WATER WATER WATER!! Replace everything you are drinking during the day with water. If you need something warm, replace that coffee! I drink warm water with lemon and lime.



Just do it! Why?

Endorphins are real !!! You will feel rejuvenated and motivated. You will be happy and more productive during the day which leads to making healthier choices!


When you exercise at night, it takes time for your body to calm down which leads to less sleep. If you are sleep deprived  the next day, you will reach for sugar , coffee, and processed foods for a pick me up. You might even skip your evening workout because you feel sluggish and need to get in bed earlier.



Do what WORKS FOR YOU. It’s different for everyone – try new things! Join a virtual community or a running community or a gym community! It’s healthy and motivating to be around other people with fitness goals.

Studies have shown that being a part of something BIGGER than just yourself when it comes to fitness increase endorphin levels and are less painful for those who work out together than those who train alone.

Maybe work out with a friend that challenges you!

Sweat Sweat Sweat!! Find something that leaves you soaking wet.

Sweating detoxifies the body. It can flush the body of substances of alcohol ,cholesterol and salt. Sweat purges the body of toxins that can clog pores!

Remember… your body gets use to doing the same thing!



If you really want to drop some LBs, Timed nutrition and superfoods are everything! It works and you are never hungry. Superfoods replaces any nutrients you may not be getting from food alone, which will keep your body from craving things you don’t need. Cravings are a sign you are not getting the nutrients you need, but you reach for something that actually isn’t what you need at all – carbs, sugar, processed foods. Superfoods and eating throughout the day with timed nutrition will minimize that.



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