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“I Just Want To Help People”

Do you use Instagram voice memos? I do and I LOVE THEM.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, in an Instagram direct message, you can hold down the microphone and talk to send a message in your voice. I like this for a few reasons:

  1. It’s more personal.

  2. You can communicate more effectively through your voice inflections. 

  3. It’s faster.

 Lately I’ve been getting more and more messages about GUIDE Culture.

People are asking what exactly it is, how it could benefit them, etc.

The other day, I sent a voice memo to one particular person and tailored it to how GUIDE Culture would help her in her specific field. She’s in a direct sales role with an MLM company.

Her voice memo said: “You know… I absolutely love helping people. I love the products. I am not really into selling the products though. I just want to help people.”


If you truly believe in the products, but you aren’t selling them, then you are actually NOT helping people.

You’re withholding a tool that could be life-changing. You’re actually doing a disservice to your community. 

Selling is this:

Loving your client. Pulling for them to make the right decision. Helping them solve a problem or reach a goal.

Coming along side of them as a teammate through the buying process.

Serving them with value in abundance. Cheering them on. Connecting with them emotionally.

Becoming a source of wise counsel. Building trust. Establishing a long-lasting relationship.

There is nothing wrong with receiving a certificate of appreciation (aka money) for your service.

We all have to make a living. We all have to support our families. It’s a way of honoring those who help you.

That my friends is what sales is.

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