Macy McNeely


How To Stop Procrastinating

I got this message on IG that got me thinking…

She was wanting to know how to strategize and execute on ideas that you have.

I get it. It can be hard to know what’s important to work on first.

Here’s what I’ve learned:


If you have a deadline, you can ‘sprint’ as I like to call it. You see the finish line, you know the end is near and you can push it as hard as you can.

If you are working at an ironman pace – knowing you have 17 hours to finish so you can walk, jog and stroll because you know you will finish ‘eventually’ – you never will.

Once you set a deadline, you start working. Hard. And then as you go, you adapt and adjust. Shoot and then aim. 

Over analysis creates paralysis. A deadline helps you move forward!

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