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how to have a legacy

How To Build A Life You’re Proud Of

the startling truth about building a life you’re proud of ➡️ **hint, it has to do with power tools 🔨**

guide culture

these signs say:

guide culture

macy mcneely

loy day insurance (dad’s agency)

integrity insurance (husband + my bro-in-law’s agency)

these signs represent my dad’s, Loy’s, legacy.

you might want to build a life you’re proud of, too. right?

you probably want a career that strong, fruitful, and long lasting. you want something stable enough that you’re able to take off a couple of months to travel – or to just chill and be a homebody. homebodies can i get a 🙌🏻.

you want more. you don’t know what it is… you can almost see it.

but… you’re scrambling. you feel like you’re running out of time. every year you’re getting older and there’s not a handbook that teaches you how to build something you’re proud of.

most of you know, Loy came from almost nothing. he didn’t even have a bed big enough for him. his feet hung off. (that crushes my soul if i think about it too long…) 💔😢

i sent him this picture and said, ‘look at your legacy.

he replied, ‘it’s the result of being a jackhammer.’

yep, a jackhammer.

it doesn’t work because of the strength of the blows. or because someone is using their body weight to push it down.

it works because of the consistent blows in one, specific place over and over and over again.

the tool wouldn’t even work if you moved it from left to right. it has to stay in one place.

small, consistent, persistent blows, laser focused in one area over time.

so, while, there’s not a handbook, there is a general formula that I, too, am implementing:

  1. nurture a growth mindset
  2. have a strong reason
  3. with powerful intensity
  4. over a long period of time

aka: be a smart, ambitious, risk-taking, focused jackhammer 🔨

I also think what makes a jackhammer work is the same exact motion over and over and over again.

it’s not a lot of different things, strategies or techniques. it’s the same motion, doing the same thing continuously.

next time you get the itch to move on or trying something different, stay steady eddy and focused. it will pay off in a big way.

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