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How Shannan Monson Made An Impact

I have been resistant to adding speakers for the Good Is Cool™ event. “They have to be absolutely perfect,” I thought to myself. My audience is one of my most precious treasures. Who I invite into their lives is a big responsibility. 

That was until I had the most amazing experience with Shannan at her mastermind retreat. The theme of the Good Is Cool™ event is “Discover Your Impact.” And Shannan has absolutely made a huge impact on me – in my mindset and in my business. It made sense that I would ask her.

Here’s why she’s special:

I have had many mentors in my life – different people that have offered advice, masterminds or mentorships. Typically, they ‘talk the talk’ but when it’s time to show up and do the hard work, it’s not as meaningful.

Shannan is the opposite. She’s humble. She never talks about how great she is. She talks about the value of her mastermind and shares it very well. But, when it’s time to show up, she goes above and beyond. She does the hard stuff. She sits alongside you and helps you solve your problems. And that has left a lasting impact on me.

During the mastermind, I called my dad and I said, “DAD, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH. THIS IS AMAZING.” You see, the mastermind was a big investment. The biggest one I have made so far. When I asked my dad for guidance on if I should say ‘yes’ he said, “Is it in your heart? Do you feel the pull?” When I told him yes, he said, “then go for it.” The pull was there for a reason. I am so thankful I said yes.

I called her and I was so nervous. I know she typically doesn’t do these kinds of things. That’s exactly why I wanted to ask her. SHE NEEDS TO BE DOING THESE KINDS OF THINGS. After getting to know her, I kept thinking “WOW. She is the real deal. More people need to know her.” I was ready to build my case on why this was a “yes” for her.

I started to share my case and answer her questions when all of a sudden she said, “I’ll do it.” 

“What??” I asked. “It’s a yes. I can’t wait,” she said beaming with excitement! “Amazing. I will email you details. I am SO excited!”

When I hung up the phone, tears started to fill my eyes. Her saying “yes” meant she believed in this event. She believed in me.

I hope to see you at the Good Is Cool™ event on August 10th, at the Roswell Historic Cottage at 7 PM. 

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