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Guide Culture™ training is for anyone looking to tap into their inner magic and communicate with confidence. Guide Culture™ training gives you the tools you need to effectively share your message with the world. The communication method you learn is called the Guide Method™ and this method is adaptable. What this means for you is you will carry these tools with you and use them in all parts of your life. This training has been described as “life training.”

Guide Culture™ training provides you a formula to:

  • Win People Over: You must be liked and trusted. Trust = Connection. Connection = Commitment 
  • Unleash Your Inner Magic: Your magic must come out. You need to gain clarity in your message and your calling.
  • Get What You Want: Persuasion skills are no longer soft skills. They are hard skills that are necessary in your job and in your family.
  • Be Heard: It doesn’t matter what you say, what matters is what people hear. Your communication skills are either growing or dying. There’s no standing still.
  • Grow a Following: In order to be a leader, you have to have a following. You need a formula that you can use to sell people on the vision, the mission, and belief in them every single day.
  • Build Confidence: These techniques will give you a track to run on.  What this means for you is you will be able to effectively steer a conversation and the real benefit is confidence in any conversation or interaction with other people.

GUIDE Method™ is a proven way to communicate your message about your product, service or idea.

  • You will learn how to guide people into making the decisions you want them to make – whether it’s buying a product, engaging in your message, or going all-in on your idea.
  • It is a form of leadership and an intentional way to ensure that people hear what you have to say.
  • GUIDE Method™ promotes a culture of positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

At GUIDE Culture™ training, you will learn how to drive a positive and encouraging culture as the leader that you are. You will learn our signature GUIDE Method™ to help your confidence soar. For more on GUIDE Culture, visit our website HERE!

GUIDE Culture ™ Training Options:

In Person Experience

The in-person training is a 3-day intensive experience with 6 content-filled sessions. You will learn the material and immediately put it into practice in lab groups. The in person is followed by a 4 week online session where you will repeat the training, participate in additional lab calls, and receive extra coaching and feedback.


The online training is a 4 week training that includes 1 training session and 1 lab call each week. It is completed exclusively online through a membership site. You will receive your training materials mailed to your door. 


The VIP experience is where you get the most value for your money. You will receive the training THREE times. First, you will complete the 4 week online training, then you will attend an in person session of your choosing, which is followed by the online again. We have found that this material is internalized best when it is repeated. You will also receive mentor sessions and coaching opportunities. 

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