Macy McNeely

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good is cool...

I am the creator of the #goodiscool movement. ‘Good is Cool™’  is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking, loving, and serving people. It is what my parents said to me when I got out of the car to go to school, when girls were mean, when I went to prom, and even when they dropped me off at Creswell Hall at the University of Georgia. They would always remind me, “Hey Macy – don’t forget, good is cool.” Over the years I have lived the Good is Cool™ lifestyle, and I have also not lived the Good is Cool™ lifestyle. I can genuinely say: I’ve lived the good and I’ve lived the bad and good really is cool. It gives you purpose, fulfillment and joy. There are a lot of different ways to live the #goodiscool lifestyle, here are just a few:

It is cool to have a good work ethic.
It’s cool to talk highly of others.
It’s cool to genuinely and freely compliment others.
It’s cool to publicly praise your spouse.
It’s cool to cheer your friend on as they win at life.
It’s cool to sit with the lonely kid at lunch.
It’s cool to spend your weekend hanging out with family.
It’s cool to follow the music in your heart.
It’s cool to give kindness instead of sarcasm.
It’s cool to apologize when you are wrong.
It’s cool to be generous.
It’s cool to pull for others.
It’s cool to give value in abundance.
It’s cool to find your true purpose in whatever you do.
It’s cool to believe in others.
It’s cool to know that life is sales and invest in sales training.
It’s cool to focus on personal development.
It’s cool to have self belief.
It’s cool to have enthusiasm in all that you do.
It’s cool to help others win.