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Gift Guide: For The Fit Chick

Want to dabble in working out but not quite ready to commit to a gym membership? Want the perfect gift for a #fitchick? I’m building my home gym one piece of equipment at a time. So far, this is what I regularly use and love:



 I am going to keep my program at $140 for December. If you aren’t ready to start during the holiday season, you can sign up now and start whenever you’re ready. You get at home workouts, protein, a full eating plan and me walking with you each step of the way for 4 weeks. I will teach you how to plan out your meals and figure out which portions are best for you according to your goals. After our time together, I will go from your coach to your friend. What a great gift to give or receive if I do say so myself! Click HERE to fill out an inquiry – no commitment, we can just chat. #shamlessplug


 Strap these around your upper thighs for any leg work to make your workout much more difficult. (Side note – nothing will make you feel fatter than trying to get that extra heavy resistance band up your legs. Don’t be sad, it’s normal.)


I like this set because it comes with pieces that you can attach to a  door frame, around your ankle and you can connect different resistances to each other to make it more difficult.


Abs, arms, legs and back. You can do so much! Also, you can just use a towel on hardwoods. But, if you’re feeling fancy, here are the sliders I use. I’ll share workouts with these soon.



Great for glute work on a cable machine. I can never find this attachment at the gym. The one I linked above is fancy. I like that it doesn’t strap on your ankle because I’m a baby and I don’t like that scratchy material rubbing off my spray tan, ya feel me? But for those of you that don’t care, THIS is a great one, too.



I don’t know many girls that want rough man hands. Ewe. I have been through 4 pairs of Nike gloves and they always end up with holes in them. “Macy, why would you buy 4 sets of the same gloves that always get holes in them?” Because when you’re a brand-snob like me, you have to use everything nike or lululemon. I wanted them to be great, but they weren’t. So I use these and, turns out, non-brand name gear is just as good. Who knew?



You can only do one movement with this, but it is tough. You feel it after only a couple of reps. Works abs, chest and lats.



Planning is EVERYTHING. You gotta have the right containers. You can freeze, microwave and throw these in the dishwasher.



Don’t have that cash money for a massage? Foam rollers are (kind of) just as good. After you roll it out, make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that have been released.



Jump rope 100x, 10 rounds. That’s a quick HIIT session for ya! (HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training – we’ll get more into this later.) This one is great because it’s adjustable.



Lemon water is so great for digestion. I’ve put berries in this, too! I love it.


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