Macy McNeely


Failure Is An Event, Not A Person!

Failure is an event, not a person.

No matter what happens, no matter what you consider a ‘failure’, YOU – the person – will always be a winner.

Winners are not discouraged by the score board or by the results you weren’t hoping for. Winning is coming in 4th, exhausted and encouraged – because last time you came in fifth. Winners know that there is always time to win. The game isn’t over until the final gun. That is, if there ever is a final gun in life. There’s always time to win, but no time to lose. Keep going, friends.

Tickets for Discover Your Significance Round 2 go on sale on Monday 3/25, at 10AM. It will be on August 10th, at 7PM at the Roswell Historic Center! See you there!!! 

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