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define your message

Everyone Has A Message

define your message

You may be sitting here thinking, “Macy, I don’t think that I have a message to share with people.” 

But I am here to tell you that YES, YOU DO! Everyone has a message. Maybe you just haven’t defined it yet. And that’s okay!

You’ve probably experienced something in life that chipped away at your confidence, right? Typically, when we experience a trauma or life event, we begin to develop a mindset of: “I am who I am being THIS happened to me.” 

It’s important to learn how to not let our circumstances define how our life goes, but use our circumstances to define our message. 

Want to know the good news? Your trauma does NOT have to bring you down. You can actually use it as your foundation for growth.

What if you thought of your trauma as a blessing? What if instead of seeing it as a negative thing, you view it as something that drives you to change or be better? It can help you define what’s important to you in life and help you DEFINE YOUR MESSAGE!

Your trauma or your rock bottom is how you find the music in your heart. A quote I turn to quite often says that “most men die with music still in their heart.” This means that in most people, there is still a pull for something in their heart, but they never make it happen.

Finding the music in your heart requires visualization with emotion and saying yes to things until you find 1) what you love, 2) what you’re good at and 3) what you care about and they all intersect. It will be hard sometimes, but if you can just be a little hard on yourself, life will get easier.

Let me ask you, what’s harder? Staying in the same place for 30 years just to retire with music still in your heart? Or, being hard on yourself to let the music out and live the life you were called to live? Being hard on yourself is the best part – it’s the journey and it helps you define your overall message.

Whether you realize it or not, your trauma is what creates your message and it helps you define what’s important to you and what you believe in.

As you probably know by now, my message is the Good is Cool™ lifestyle and I am passionate about sharing it with the world. This message stemmed from my trauma that started in middle school. My parents helped me look at what it really meant to be ‘cool.’ Now, it is my anthem. 

To help you define your message, I’ve created a downloadable file for you to print that allows you to reflect on a few questions. Get it HERE.

Once you feel like you’ve found your message, reach out to me on Instagram! I want to see what YOU have to share with the world. 

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