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Episode 8: Heart vs. Head

In this episode, Macy and Loy discuss the difference in wanting something in your head versus wanting it in your heart. They talk about how when you want something so bad, there will be a pull in your heart so big that you just can’t shake it. Loy gives three points to describe the heart versus head game. 

Episode Highlights

  • “Most men die with music still in their heart.” That means that most people die with a passion, pull or desire that’s in their heart that they never went after.
  • Loy’s personal Head vs. Heart story (2:11)
  • Three things that make the difference between having that passion versus being in a rut:(4:41)
    • Love (5:05)
      • Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are. 
      • “You don’t run into a burning building out of fear. You do it out of love.” 
    • Desire (7:24)
      • Sometimes the desire in your heart is so strong that it doesn’t even make sense logically. 
    • Passion (9:24)
      • Once you realize the passion of what you’re doing and stay on message with it, then it will work. 
      • G.R.I.T
    • If you have enough love, a healthy amount of fear, desire and passion, then you can change the music in your heart versus only the logical thinking in your head. (10:09)
    • Macy’s personal Head vs. Heart story (10:20)


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