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Episode 5: How To Stop Being Embarrassed To Sell Your Product

In episode five of the Good Is Cool Podcast, Macy and Loy share three reasons on why people are typically embarrassed to sell their product. They also speak on what it is you need to stop that fear and embarrassment. 

Episode Highlights

  • 3 reasons people might be embarrassed to talk about their product (2:25)
    • They don’t believe in their product or themselves. (2:52)
      • Product Knowledge (3:14) 
    • They are terrified of what others think about them. (5:27)
      • Loy’s Response: “If someone has the time to criticize you on what you’re doing, they aren’t in the game themselves.” (5:27)
    • They don’t want to sound “salesy.” (7:52)
      • Selling means you are serving, providing value in abundance, you believe in what you’re doing and you know that it can help the other person. (9:17)
        • Check out our “Why Sales” podcast episode HERE for more on that. 
  • You may think that personal development (books, podcasts, etc.) will fix the issue. (10:57)
      • What you really need is sales training, even if you think you don’t sale. Selling is simply a transference of passion. (11:15)
        • For more on Clearly Confident, visit HERE.  
  • You know what to do, but you don’t know how to do it effectively.
        • You need a guide, an opportunity to role play and practice. Clearly Confident offers all of that! 
  •  The stakes of not learning how to effectively communicate. (15:00)
        • We’re all in the people business. Loy shares more about that in episode four – visit HERE!
  • Guide Method (16:32)
    • Guides people into making sound buying decisions. For more on this method used in Clearly Confident, read HERE
  • For a closer look at testimonials, visit HERE
  • Macy’s response to “I don’t have the time or the money for this.” (18:05)
  • Imagine This For Yourself… (21:33)
  • For the upcoming Clearly Confident training dates, visit HERE

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