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Episode 42: Get Off the Bench and in the Game with Austin McNeely and Charlie Schuetz

In episode 42 of the GUIDE Culture® podcast, Macy and Loy invite Austin McNeely, Macy’s husband, and Charlie Schuetz, Macy’s brother-in-law, to sit down and talk through their journey in the insurance world and why it’s so important to get off the bench and into the game of life. Both, Charlie and Austin, work in the insurance agency that Loy created from the ground up. This agency is truly the foundation of GUIDE Culture®

Episode Highlights

  • What is a “Sales Culture (1:15)
  • How Loy got into insurance (5:57)
    • What is a “Producer”
  • Charlie’s story (10:00)
  •  Austin’s journey (16:42)
  • Good is Cool beach story (22:27)
  • Going from zero to one hundred with personal development (25:38)
  • Questions from Instagram (27:45)

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