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Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode: 3 Reasons Your Spouse isn’t on Board with Your Investments

In this bonus episode, Macy and Kathryn address a question they get in their DM’s ALL THE TIME: “What do I do when my spouse isn’t on board with what I want to do?”

That’s a great question and we get it, it can be difficult. We’re here to give you three things you can start doing to help get your spouse, team, co-workers, employees, etc. on board with your vision.

Episode Highlights

  • Three Points (4:15)
    • Not enough data
    • Not enough conviction
    • Lack of a unifying Goal
  • Data
    • You can’t argue against facts; have data in hand.
    • Know what you’re getting into and how to explain it to others.
    • Know what type of “buyer” you’re working with.
  • You have to have Conviction.
    • When you believe in something, it shows.
    • How are you going to walk into a room?
    • Talk to them when they are in the right frame of mind and show your conviction.
  • Have a unified call (13:45)
    • Do a vision board exercise together to get on the same page.
    • Story about Mount Everest climbers (15:05)
    • Repeat your goal regularly.
    • When your unifying goal is strong enough, it’s easy to see what can be given up.
    • Ask them why they’re not on board.
  • Mentions:

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