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Episode 40: Mastering Your Mind

In episode 40 of the GUIDE Culture® podcast, Macy and Kathryn sit down with mindset and lifestyle coach, Jenn Boughey. Jenn is a GUIDE Culture® graduate that truly embodies an authentic and intentional lifestyle. She has an incredible take on our thoughts, beliefs and how you can change both of those to change the trajectory of your life.

Episode Highlights

  • Jenn’s story (3:00)
    • The secret to what will get you to transformation (5:35)
  • Evidence (6:35)
    • Help people build enough evidence to where they can believe in themselves
    • Confirmation Bias (7:40)
    • Be the detective of your life; look for the evidence of the opposite of what your believing (8:47)
  • Wiring your kids’ brains to see the things you see in them (10:30)
  • Jenn’s advice on disciplining your kids (10:48)
    • Why words matter
    • Lead with vulnerability
  • Your purpose is birthed in your pain
  • What Jenn would tell someone who wants to re-write their story (15:34)
    • We live by the stories we tell ourselves
    • What would the title of your book be?
  • Think about what you’re thinking
    • Pay attention to the tension
    • Be aware of the things that are triggering you
    • You have to be willing to take off the life jacket of comfort
  • How GUIDE Culture was a pivotal point for Jenn’s business (21:15)
  • Follow Jenn on Instagram @jennboughey
  • Mentions:

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