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Episode 4: Why Sales

In episode four of the Good Is Cool Podcast, Macy asks Loy the big question that many people may be wondering: Why Sales? Why does everyone need to understand sales? Loy gives three main reasons why EVERYONE needs to understand that sales is important. 

Episode Highlights

  • Loy’s simple answer to “Why Sales” (3:45)
    • Everyone is in the people business. 
  • 3 Reasons We Need To Understand Why Sales Is Important
    • YOU – your children, family, stakeholders. Those people are one reason that you want to understand sales. (5:25)
      • Good Is Cool Lifestyle (5:47)
      • Clearly Confident graduate (6:54)
    • If you’re in a rut. (8:46)
      • Are you looking for your passion or trying to define your message? It’s VITAL that you understand sales!
        • Check out our FREE workshop portal HERE, where you can access materials to help you define your message. 
      • Clearly Confident graduate (9:33) – More on her story HERE!
    • It’s fun to be in the game of life! (12:29)
      • If you’re looking to make a difference and put yourself out there, sales skills are needed. 
      • Proper sales training, like Clearly Confident, can give you the skills to get you in the game of life WITH confidence.
        • You can take Clearly Confident and use it in your current job and all of a sudden, it will become a game. You don’t have to leave where you’re at – it’s a mindset. 

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