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Episode 39: Are You Addicted to Discounts?

In episode 39 of the GUIDE Culture® podcast, Macy and Kathryn address something that many business owners and entrepreneurs may have a tendency of doing: DISCOUNTING. Are you addicted to discounts? Listen to find out why you should stop discounting your product or service. 

Episode Highlights

  • Why you shouldn’t give discounts (3:43)
    • Conditioning your customers to buy off urgency and not value, it’s a cycle.
    • Story about Iron Tribe Fitness (6:50)
    • Instead of discounting, add enough value to create loyalty with people.
  • What is a discount? (12:30)
    • When to give samples. 
    • Qualify the right customers. (15:30)
  • Value Adds – going above your call of duty.
    • There is a way to add value without giving away everything for free.
    • “Earn” is a verb. To earn business takes time. Discounts do the opposite because they happen so quickly.
    • Be excited to repel the people who are not your people.
  • If you think your product is expensive, other people will think its expensive too. If they see it as expensive, they won’t see it as valuable. (26:30)
    • The price has nothing to do with the value.
  •  How to get your people excited about your product (28:55)
    • Enthusiasm is the belief in what you’re doing.
  • What to do if everyone around you is selling the same product and offering a discount (31:19)
  •  What do you gain by showing discipline and not discounting (32:27)
    • When you know how to communicate what you believe, it draws in the right customer.
  • Q&A’s from Instagram. (40:20 – 45:15)
  • Mentions:

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