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Episode 38: Do Less and Obsess

In episode 38, I talk about why you should do less and obsess. Being laser focused on one thing is better than trying to master multiple things at once. This concept applies to your life and in your business. 

Episode Highlights

  • Story about two teams racing to the South Pole (2:58-9:09)
  • 2 common beliefs about work (9:10)
    • We believe that doing more tasks will accomplish more and improve our performance.
    • We also believe that people can perform at their best if they choose a few tasks to work on and say no to others.
      • Choosing a few priorities isn’t enough.
  • Idea of clinging to options (10:16)
    • People want to have options because it provides a way “out.”
    • The word decide (10:54)
    • Think about yourself as an octopus (17:01)
  • How to choose less and get focused – think about what can be taken away (19:34)
    • Instead of thinking about what you can prioritize, think about what you can strip away from even being an option.
    • Before you say yes to something, think about how it’s going to affect you down the road.
    • DELEGATE! 
    • Game Day List (27:14) – @dailydeposit
  • Mentions:

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