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Episode 37: Mom Growth > Mom Guilt

In episode 37, we sit down with a special GUIDE Culture™ family member and coach, Sara Stapleton. Sara is a stay at home mom that first took our training in July 2019. Since taking it two other times, she has a renewed mindset and has changed the way she leads her home and is focused on creating a positive family culture. 

Episode Highlights

  • Meet Sara Stapleton (1:30) – @sara_stapleton
  • The different stages of parenting (5:02)
  • The turning point for Sara (7:43)
  • The biggest change in Sara’s family since taking GUIDE Culture (9:26)
  • Sara’s Mindset Shift (13:04)
    • “I couldn’t expect them [her kids] to do something different, if I wasn’t doing something different.”
  • What Sara’s children are gaining out of this (16:21)
  • What Sara would say to other moms that are struggling (17:08)
  • Sara’s Mission (20:17)
  • Mentions:

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