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Episode 36: Living For The Long Game… At The Right Time

In episode 36, Macy talks about living for the long game. Disclaimer: depending on where you are at in your business, there may be different ways to apply this. This is also a concept to consider using for your overall life. 

Episode Highlights

  • What do you want? (5:40)
  • The difference between a CEO and an owner (6:48)
    • Definition of CEO (7:36)
      • Managerial Decisions
      • Executes based on the owner’s intent 
    • Definition of owner (8:07)
      • Decide what happens in the company and for the company
      • Has the big picture in mind
    • What if the CEO and the owner are the same person? (10:30)
      • Think about this in terms of a hike (12:00)
  • Vivid Vision Exercise (15:08)
    • Get the step by step process HERE
  • Slow down before you can speed back up (18:20)
    • Think about the long game.
  • Do what you need to do to see what works for you (20:45)
  • Hear this concept in a health and lifestyle example (21:44)
  • How GUIDE Culture has adjusted based on this concept (29:45)
    • Do less and obsess
    • Empower other people to make decisions 
    • Focusing on building the business, rather than the personal brand 
  • Mentions:

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