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Episode 35: Interviewing the GUIDE Culture™ Way with Ashley Hand

In episode 35 of the Good Is Cool™ Podcast, we welcome GUIDE Culture™ family member and coach, Ashley Hand. A few weeks back she created an interviewing presentation for our coaches program and it brought so much value, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! In this episode, Ashley shares how to interview the GUIDE Culture™ way.

Episode Highlights

  • Meet Ashley Hand (:50-4:30)
  • What is an interview? (4:40)
    • Interviewing is selling. You are selling yourself.
  • Before the interview (5:40)
    • Preparing for the interview questions with reps and role play
    • Believe you’re a good fit for the position (7:18)
    • Why would anyone hire you? (9:30)
    • Storytelling in interviewing (12:15)
    • Do your research (13:28)
      • Show that you care about the position. Know about the company or business and more specifically, know about the position you are applying for
    • Passion (13:55)
    • Teamwork + Culture (14:53)
      • If the place you are applying at really values teamwork, you need to talk in those terms.
  • Tips for during the interview (16:44)
    • Body Language
    • Active Listening
      • There is value in pausing.
    • Tone of Voice
    • Go in with 3 main things that you want to get across during the interview.
    • Focus on what THEY get out of your skills
  • After the interview (25:27)
    • Don’t stress and keep moving forward.
    • Send a follow up email or a thank you note.
    • How to handle it if you don’t get the job (26:29)
      • See it as a rep!
      • Get with your support system.
      • Have a growth mindset
      • Ask for feedback
  • Mentions:

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