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Episode 34: Honor The Struggle

In episode 34 of the Good Is Cool podcast, Kathryn talks about honoring the struggle.

Episode Highlights

  • The question Kathryn asked that got your attention (2:06)
  • Self Sabotage (2:26)
    • How this happens (3:50)
    • How to prevent this (5:20)
  • The reality to consider (6:55)
  • Everything is trainable (8:12)
    • Habits take discipline.
    • You can re-wire your brain to perform a certain habit.
  • Honor the struggle (9:45)
    • Demonstrate courage
  • The people who become the person who they were made to be are those who embrace the struggle (12:23)
    • They have a mindset that allows them to anticipate, welcome and leverage their struggle.
  • Anticipate the struggle (12:50)
  • Welcome the struggle (15:00)
    • The ‘GOOD’ mindset
    • “If you have the opportunity and blessing to serve, you don’t complain about the effort involved.”
  • Leverage the struggle (17:51)
    • Turn it in to something that makes a difference.
    • Share your journey.
  • Mentions:

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