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Episode 32: Strive To Be The Underdog

In episode 32 of the Good Is Cool podcast, I share a speech I did for the National Charity League for a group of mothers and their daughters. I talk about the Good Is Cool™ message and a few reasons why you should strive to be the underdog.

Episode Highlights

  • My personal underdog story
  • Think about it like this: You GET to be the underdog! (8:40)
    • The story of Coco Gauff (9:42)
  • Reasons you should strive to be the underdog:
    • You’re still peaking (11:12)
      • Queen Bees (11:37) – It’s a good thing NOT to be in the queen bee circle.
      • The best is yet to come. (12:02)
    • You get to have something to stand for. (12:50)
      • Your trauma is a great thing. It becomes your anti-hero – it’s something you strive to be the opposite of (13:02)
      • Good Is Cool™ (14:48)
      • If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. (17:22)
    • You actually get to be cool (17:45)
      • What it takes to live the Good Is Cool™ life (18:00)
        • You become the popular one. You can’t go wrong with doing the good thing. 
  •  Mentions:
    • My free live masterclass on December 10th at 7 PM EST – Register HERE!

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