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Episode 31: Selling On Stories

In episode 31 of the Good Is Cool podcast, I welcome back Kathryn Shubert. We are building on episode 30, so be sure to listen to that episode before you listen to this week’s! 

Episode Highlights

  • There’s a difference between sharing on stories and selling on stories. They are NOT the same! (2:07)
    • Sharing is about you. Selling has to be about the other person.
  • Start with Value  (5:45)
    • Do not water down your message. That’s how you will lose their attention. 
    • How to start with value (7:52)
  •  Repeat Important Things (10:13)
    • When someone hears something for the 7th time, they really hear it for the FIRST!
    • Repetition is king.
    • Repeat your message in different ways.
  • What do I even talk about on stories? (15:55)
    • What goes in, must come out. Think about your input.
    • What is personal development? (16:15)
      • For something to change you, you need to walk away feeling challenged. It doesn’t need to just be motivational. It needs to push you to take action in your life.
      • Stick with strong input that has credibility, not just what’s popular. 
    • Think about adding value to others as sowing seeds in a garden (19:50)
      • If the information helped you, chances are it could help someone else.
  • People buy you. The best way to sell yourself is to not talk about yourself, but to add value to others. (22:37)
  •  Mentions:

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