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Episode 30: How To Get Massive Results

In episode 30 of the Good Is Cool podcast, I welcome our very first guest, Kathryn Shubert. Kathryn is a GUIDE Culture family member through and through that has completely changed her life through the course of the year. I sit down with Kathryn to talk about how to get massive results in your business. 

Episode Highlights

  • Kathryn’s Story (1:43)
    • Change of heart – from “me-centered” to giving value to others (4:33)
  • Taking Massive Action to get Massive Results
    • Realize that doing one thing well in your life will overflow into other parts of your life (9:37)
      • Alignment (10:04)
        • People want to join people who they want to be like.
        • “Become the person that the person you’re looking for is looking for.” – Andy Stanley
        • You attract who you are. 
    • Important vs. Urgent Quadrant (14:25)
      • View the quadrant HERE!
        • Things that are urgent are time sensitive.
        • Things that are important pertain to your long term goals.
      • Urgent and Important (14:58)
      • Urgent, but Not Important (16:07)
      • Not Urgent and Not Important (16:48)
      • Important, but Not Urgent (17:15)
        • You want to live here!
    • Stir the Pot (21:16)
      • Stirring the pot means ACTION. It’s the important, but not urgent action.
        • Just do something.
      • HERE is a list of ways to start taking action. 
      • Whatever you do today shows up in 60-90 days and shows up even bigger in a year from now. 
      • Cold Messaging (29:10)
        • If you are stirring the pot in a couple of areas and nothing is working, you need to do whatever it takes.
        • Embrace Awkward (33:22)
    • Mentions:

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