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Episode 29: The Best Advice I Could Give To New Entrepreneurs

In this episode, I share my journey to entrepreneurship. I was asked to do this for the University of North Georgia and it is something I’ve never really done before, so I thought it would be fun to share this with you!

Episode Highlights

  • Story of Loy (1:23)
  • My College Experience – GO DAWGS! (4:04)
  • My First Job (7:20)
  • Austin (9:17)
  • Wellness Coaching (11:07)
  • Personal Development (12:08)
    • Positive input, self help books, podcasts, etc. 
  • Sales Training (16:54)
    • I quit my full time job and went all in to wellness coaching, but I was struggling to close my prospects. 
    • Loy has always been passionate about sales training and created his own to teach to his insurance staff. 
    • At this time in my life, I knew this is exactly what I needed. (17:40)
  • Clearly Confident (22:34)
  • GUIDE Culture (24:30)
  • 3 Things I’ve Learned (29:25)
    • Art > Science
    • Shoot, then aim
    • Input
      • My Faith
      • Personal Development – podcasts and books
        • HERE is my approved book list!
      • Communication Training – GUIDE Culture 
  • 3 Things I Would Tell You (35:49)
    • Say YES!
    • Input, input, input
    • Allow things to evolve. Listen to your heart, then your head. 

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