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how to get paid more in a salary job

Episode 27: How To Make More In Your Salaried Job

In this episode, we talk about three ways you can get paid more when you are in a salaried job. 

Episode Highlights

  • What are your value adds? (4:52)
    • If you’re an entrepreneur, your value adds are things you give without it costing any extra.
    • If you’re in a salaried job, your value adds are things that aren’t necessarily a part of your job description, but you have it and you offer it anyways.
    • Put value in, so that value can come out. (6:30)
  • Recognize, Identify and Elevate your tilt (8:50)
    • Your tilt is what makes you different from someone else that may do the same thing that you do.
    • Your tilt is based on your experiences and your knowledge.
  • Have the right mindset and attitude (13:15)
    • This is a tilt within itself. 
    • When you have a positive mindset and positive attitude, you become a mood meter, meaning you raise the mood up when you walk into a room.
    • Be a “good finder.” Live with optimism and look for the good in people and situations around you. 
    • Talk Triggers (15:11)
  • Upcoming Events
    • January In Person Training: January 3-5 in Alpharetta, GA. Learn more HERE!
      • Three day in person training, followed by the training repeated online for 4 weeks.

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