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Episode 2: Pulling For People

In episode two of the Good Is Cool Podcast, Macy talks about the power of pulling for others. She shares what pulling for others actually means, three reasons why you should always be pulling for others to win at life, how to pull for people, and what it means to be genuine. 

Episode Highlights

  • Macy’s story of pulling for others (2:49-4:23)
  • 3 Reasons You Should Pull For Others Unconditionally (5:43)
    • When they win, you actually win. (5:53)
      • “You can have everything in life you want as long as you help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar (5:57)
    • It deepens your relationships. (6:16)
    • It’s a way to serve people. (8:24)
      • Dr. Caroline Leaf did a podcast about the Sunday Scaries. She said that serving people spiritually and scientifically reduces anxiety. “Whenever you start to feel anxious about Monday, just pick up the phone and call someone to see how you can serve them.” (9:10)
  • What does pulling for others mean? (9:28)
  • How to pull for others (9:53)
  • Being genuine (9:58)

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