daily deposit journals

personal deposit

The Personal Deposit Journal is your roadmap for developing the winner inside of you. 

  •  Gratitude: Start the day with peace in your heart with gratitude statements.
  • Personal Development: Internalize your positive input (Ex: podcasts, books, etc.) for strength all day.
  • Affirmations: Awaken your subconscious with powerful affirmations. (An affirmation guide list is included in the journal.)
  • Game Day List: Challenge yourself with the tasks that feel difficult for you.
  • A “Notes” section on the back of each page for miscellaneous lists/thoughts.

relational deposit

The Relational Deposit Journal is helps others come alive through positive encouragement. 

  • Grow closer to the one you love by sharing each other’s heart.
  • Share your heart: apologies, thoughts, challenges, disappointments, future plans, exciting news, vacation ideas, struggles, dreams, date nights, goals, motivation, praise, appreciation, encouragement, secrets, visions, memories, things you forget to say or things that don’t come natural to say. And watch your relationship blossom.

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