Macy McNeely

daily grind hacks

Daily Grind Hacks

The pressure of the daily grind can be tough.

Every night you’re rushing to bed to make sure you get up and get things right the next day. It’s a constant hamster wheel.

What if I told you there is a way to move your life forward AND step away from all the DAILY hustling?

Try this – start thinking about your week as averaging out on top.

On average – 

How much sleep are you getting?

On average – 

How did you do on your eating?

On average – 

How did you do on your workouts?

On average – 

How was your water intake?

On average – 

How much uninterrupted work time are you getting?

So, if you wake up a few hours later than you would like to on Tuesday, no biggie, make Wednesday count.

If you’ve crushed it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe let your brain rest a little on Thursday morning and take it easy.

Your well-rounded health is much more important than anything, If you are on edge constantly by trying to be superwoman every single day, it will hurt your health long term.

Think big picture and long game – it’s worth it.

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