Change Is Good

On Instagram yesterday, I revealed that a lot of change is about to happen with Clearly Confident. Any kind of change requires a process, and sometimes that process can take awhile. Instead of doing a huge reveal once it’s finished and ready, I want to take YOU on the behind the scenes journey with us. 

If you’ve been following along, a while back we mentioned having to change the name of Clearly Confident. We’ve been brainstorming names and getting suggestions from our graduates, but nothing has felt right. UNTIL, I attended my mastermind retreat with Shannan Monson. 

Last week, I got to hang out with likeminded women entrepreneurs and I had so many revelations. The brand, the name, how we do things – it all came to me!

I came back to Georgia feeling refreshed and SO READY to work. So, what does this change mean for you?

As we rebrand Clearly Confident, we are going to take you on the journey with us. Although we can’t share every single detail just yet, we are going to include you every step of the way.

The new name will make sense to everyone that has ever taken Clearly Confident and help those that have yet to take it, understand our culture and our method before they even sign up. Things have never felt more clear. 

This week is full of meetings to kickstart the rebranding process. For now, continue following along with us on my Instagram! For any information about Clearly Confident, visit Our next in person training is June 12-14. With questions, email 

I am also hosting another FREE workshop on June 4th. I’ll be talking about how Instagram stories can lead to sales. Sign up for our Good Is Cool workshop portal for access to all of our free content materials HERE

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